1st Call for Thematic Workshops (co-organised)


To be able to have more impact GREATLEAP opens a Call for Thematic Workshop proposals to officially co-organise events. This call is open for scholars who would like to organise workshops on topics that are important in achieving the objectives of our COST-Action. In general they should aim to achieve more understanding about long-term/historical inequality in health by studying cause-specific mortality. See for more information also: https://greatleap.eu/ or for examples the IUSSP Workshops that we are already co-organising.


Next to offering support by co-organising the event, we can contribute a maximum of 5.000 euro for each workshop that is accepted. This contribution should be seen as kind of ‘seed-funding’: funding to start-up a workshop, but often not sufficient to fully organise it. ITC countries are given priority. This funding can be provided in three ways through the e-COST portal:

    (1) A Local Organiser Support Grant paid to the organising institute: it covers the costs for the                    rental of (conference) rooms, refreshments, printing and so on. Please see the next page for                specifics.
    (2) Travel and a Daily Allowance paid directly to (some of) the participants: All travel costs are                     covered, and the daily allowance intends to cover expenses related to accommodation,                           meals, and/or short distance travel (defined as less or equal to 100 km one way). Click here                   for information on the maximum daily allowance for each country. Be aware it is possible to                 allocate a lower daily allowance to participants to be able to invite more scholars.
    (3) A combination of (1) and (2).


You can apply for funding for thematic workshops that take place during the period January 2025 to October 2026. The deadline for our first call is 15 September 2024, but please be aware that we are accepting proposals on a rolling basis. A selection committee will decide which proposals are accepted for funding. Please prepare the following information for your proposal: 

        • Location and main organisers (person/institute);
        • A preliminary date (month and year at least);
        • A preliminary title;
        • A short description of the topic/theme of the proposed workshop, including how it strengthens the main objectives of GREATLEAP (200-500 words);
        • Possible output/outcomes of the workshop;
        • Number of participants expected;
        • Kind and amount of co-funding requested.

You can submit your workshop proposal herehttps://forms.gle/ci8QSrMYrSsmBj8dA
For more information, please contact the Action chair: tim.riswick@ru.nl

COST Rules for Local Organiser Support Grant

See also the Annotated rules (pages 89-92) for more information

The calculation of the Local Organiser Support is determined by: 

        • The format of the Action event (face-to-face, hybrid or virtual);
        • The number of unique participants who were invited on e-COST and signed the attendance list and/ or appear on the virtual log (all invited participants can be considered for calculating the LOS, independently of their eligibility status to receive reimbursement from the COST Action), and
        • The duration of the event.

On that basis, the maximum Local Organiser Support grant amount as follows:

              • Local Organiser Support grant amount for face-to-face and hybrid events;

The Local Organiser Support grant cannot be used to cover VAT expenses nor purchase of infrastructure as these are never covered by COST funding. However, it may be used to cover the following categories of expenses per type of event:

        • Rental for rooms, audio-visual (A/V) materials, and poster stands;
        • Photocopying and the printing of programmes, handouts, event materials, book of abstracts, book of proceedings, flyers etc.;
        • Refreshments (snacks and beverages not intended to substitute lunch nor dinner);
        • Collective bus transfer to the event venue; This refers to the transfer of all participants from a designated point to the event venue in the cases when the event venue is in a remote location without adequate public transport; This does not include airport transfer to hotels, bus transfer to the conference dinner or the bus reservation with a touristic purpose, which are not eligible in any case;
        • Field trip expenses if relevant to the objectives of the approved meeting / Training School;
        • Administrative support and secretarial expenses linked to hosting and organising the approved scientific activity.

The Local Organiser Support grant shall always be paid into an institutional bank account and never into a personal bank account. The Local Organiser Support grant shall be paid after the event has taken place and the attendance list and / or virtual event attendance logs have been uploaded in e-COST. COST Association does not require any receipts or invoices from the Grant Holder institution to justify the amount granted to the Local Organiser except the attendance list/logs.

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